Munk School Fellowships in Global Journalism

Anyone can do it! (But well?)

In democracies, FB’s privacy policies can be annoying; elsewhere, they can be dangerous

Bravo to @mathewi & co for another imp’t MESH T.O.!

@mediagazer: Andy Carvin on Twitter as a newsroom and being human (@mathewi / GigaOM)

Journos know that asking ‘why’? is just the beginning… But an article doesn’t have to be the end:

Do you post first & fact check later? WashPost’s @ErikWemple has this right.
Bravo to @mediatwit for running this piece on mindfulness meditation for journos

Practicing mindfulness is one way to ease stress brought on by full digital plate

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Great data journo examples via mindy mcadams

Data Journalism Examples « Teaching Online Journalism

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